You Know You're Italian When..

You spent your entire childhood thinking what you ate for lunch was pronounced “sangwich.”

Your family pet understands Italian.

Every Sunday afternoon of your childhood was spent visiting your Nonna and Nonno.
You’ve experienced the phenomena of 150 people fitting into 50 square feet of yard during a family cookout.You thought salami, capacollo, pancetta and prosciutto hanging out to dry from your cantina was absolutely normal.

You ate pasta for dinner at least three times a week, and every Sunday.

You were as tall as your Nonna by the age of seven.

You thought everyone’s last name ended in a vowel.

Your Mom’s main hobby is cleaning.

You never knew what to expect when you opened the margarine, after all you thought washing out and reusing margarine containers was normal.
You never ate meat on Christmas Eve or any Friday for that matter.

You drink vino on a regular basis.

You were beaten at least once with a wooden spoon or broom.

You were surprised to find out that vino was actually sold in stores because your dad or nonno would always make homemade vino.

You ate your salad after the main course.

You drink espresso every single day of your life.

You thought Catholic was the only religion in the world.

You thought every meal had to be eaten with a bread in your left hand.

Your Nonna never threw anything away, you thought seeing washed plastic bags hanging on the clothes line was normal.

You have at least one relative who came over on the boat.At least one of your family members fought in a World War.

You have family members named Tony, Frank or Joe.

You have relatives who aren’t really your relatives.

You have relatives you don’t speak to.

You thought that everyone made homemade sugo.

You grew up in a house with a yard that didn’t have one patch of dirt that didn’t have a flower or a vegetable growing out of it.

Your nonni’s furniture was as comfortable as sitting on plastic.

You thought that talking loud was normal.When you speak you mix Italian words with English words.

You thought sugared almonds and the Tarantella were common at all weddings.

You thought everyone got pinched on the cheeks and money stuffed in their pockets by their relatives.There was a crucifix in every room of the house, including the cantina.

When you had a bad headache it was considered that someone gave you the “malocchio.”

Your mother is overly protective of the males in the family no matter how old they are.

You eat Nutella as a snack.

Boys didn’t do house work because it was women’s work.

You couldn’t date a boy without getting approval from your father unless he was Italian.

Every condition, ailment, misfortune, memory loss and was attributed to the fact that you didn’t eat something.

Meet Angelo

Angelo De Luca is a Canadian born Italian, raised in Toronto, of Neapolitan and Calabrese origins. Having created the famous @TDOT_Italians brand on numerous social media platforms, he has become a notorious public figure within the Italian-Canadian community. With over 153,000 followers on all social media platforms, Angelo’s social media accounts are geared toward the current second and third generation Italian-Canadians, becoming popular because of his ability to relate to them through cultural puns and a collective feeling of growing up Italian. Angelo’s brand is becoming more and more recognized in Toronto due to his effective use of social media.

Angelo created his numerous social media accounts with the objective of unifying the Toronto-Italian community, transmitting the Italian culture to second and third generation Italians. Angelo relates to his followers by appealing to the sense of collective pride that Italian-Canadians feel, including Angelo himself. With the success of his social ventures, Angelo has built an online store of imported products from Italy, shipping to customers all over the world. To further connect with the community, he has began to advertise for Italian stores, bakeries, restaurants, bars and clubs in Toronto. Some of his clients include TLN TV, Joe Avati Calabrese Productions, La Dolce Vita Oakville, Queen Margherita Pizza, and many more recognizable brands. Many of these clients also rely on Angelo to manage their social media accounts, recognizing the success he has had with his own. Brands Angelo has worked with are Puma North America, Macron Canada, Kappa Canada and many more.

Angelo is always looking for new clients to add to his blossoming portfolio and is available for consultation. He can be reached through email or via telephone.